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Vehicle Management Working Party

February 2020 Update

Purpose Team Status Update

Review inconsiderate parking within the village and propose measures to address

Ian – Stuart, Gabby, Derek

Jan 20

- Published new format reports on Southwell lane and Station Lane Speed Surveys 

Feb 20

- Trained first tranche of Community Speed watch Volunteers

- Purchased new Car Parking signs for Hadleigh park

- Registered Car Parks in Google Maps


Summary: Parking in the village is a concern as well as excess speed on village roads.

Next Steps: Working on plan for enhancements to double yellow line, no parking zones in village.



Q. What is the criterion for Notts County Council to install Vehicle Activated Speed Signs?


A - The criterion for consideration for the introduction of Vehicle Activated Speed Signs is that in any 1hr period, for the duration of the monitoring activity; the observed 85th percentile vehicle speed is greater than 'local speed limit + 10% +2mph'  AND the flow of traffic is greater than 250 Vehicles per Hour. 

Q - What was the result of the last speed survey to be carried out on the Southwell Road entry/exit point to Farnsfield?

A - The last speed survey at the Southwell Road side of the village was carried out in October 2019.  Although there was one 1hr period where the recorded 85th percentile speed meet the 85th percentile speed criteria (36.1 mph – southbound), the flow criterion of greater than 250 vehicles per hour was not met. Therefore, Southwell Road, Farnsfield, was not listed for consideration for the introduction of a Vehicle Activated Speed Sign at this time. 

Click Below for link to survey results