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Parks and Open Spaces Working Party

February 2020 Update

Purpose Team Status Update

Ensure playgrounds, footpaths, open space and village outdoor

areas and assets are well maintained and safe.

Jackie - Barry Stuart,

Lynda, Robin, Lesley 

Grounds maintenance contracts have been renewed and grass cutting contractors have been asked not to use weedkiller and not to strim close to trees or wood.

NSDC have been chased regarding a review of our litter and dog waste bins and the “Any bin will do” initiative from Keep Britain Tidy.

There is improved signage for the car park at Parfitt Drive.

A review of any actions identified in the playground inspection is in progress.

Council are progressing a number of other initiatives including tree planting, replacement of damaged fencing and consideration of improvements to public footpaths. The next Park and Open Space meeting will be in April and in the meantime efforts continue.