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Strategy Project Working Party

Update after 21 July 2020 working group meeting

The Farnsfield Parish Council Strategic Plan 2020 is progressing despite delays caused by COVID-19.

Village Centre improvements are well under way with the roof renovation works and insulation of the roof spaces complete and redecoration and internal refurbishment almost complete.  

The working party agreed in principle to work towards developing facilities at Parfitt Drive, Reynolds Field (by the allotments) and the Acres. This will include increasing and improving car parking, improving the children’s play facilities and consideration of a wheeled sports facility. The group recommend that Council consider the provision of a small community hall as part of our future plans, subject to financial feasibility.

The locations and final developments will depend on many factors and the group recommend that Council take professional advice, for example on design, drainage and planning matters, before making decisions. 

Previous update

Farnsfield Parish Council’s  Strategy Working Party (the SWP) have now produced the attached drawings to illustrate potential ideas for developing a leisure area for Farnsfield residents utilising funds that have been, and will be received as a result of the housing developments over recent years. At this stage, the project has not been fully costed but we do feel that, perhaps with additional funding, it is achievable.

During the  preparation of this concept the SWP have listened extensively to the many constructive suggestions (list attached) from residents and tried to incorporate as many ideas as possible into the scheme. The SWP is aware that there are still other significant issues, such as parking, that will be addressed and financed separately.

In the meantime, we also welcome any comments or questions in email or letter form to the chair of the working party, Barry Westbury. (

With support from the village, we will be able to start preparing detailed plans and budgets to make this work and produce an activity area that we can all be proud of.

November Update

Purpose Team Status Update

Ensure that the monies available to the Farnsfield Parish Council (FPC) via S106 and CIL budgets are allocated to the appropriate projects that best meet the needs of the village and that FPC is compliant to policy in the implementation process.

Barry - Council

Ongoing collection of feedback  from the public

Summary of the consultation evening published.

Working with Solicitors to ensure key FPC assets are registered to the council.

The next Strategy Project Working Party in March will focus on defining ownership to the 9 key projects and to produce the next level detail